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Approaching Orphan Care Differently

A New Vision of How to Help Haitian Orphans

All over the world, there are many orphanage institutions growing in numbers. We, as Christians, learned from James 1:27 that we must take care of the orphans, and by doing so, the world will see our actions as believers of Christ Jesus. Since our inception in 1990, CMSH has been assisting hundreds of orphans in the southern part of Haiti using a different method. This new approach we use to help orphans in Haiti might seem controversial since it goes against the old ways, but it allows them to stay with their parents and not live in an orphanage many miles away from home.

Baptizing a Child

L.O.G.I.C. (Let Orphans Grow in Their Communities)

L.O.G.I.C. gives young Haitian children a greater chance to flourish in life. In the old orphanage system, the lack of parental or guardian influence created an unstable mindset and psyche. The major orphanages in Haiti are filled with kids from the countryside, which is a long distance to travel. As they develop in age at the orphanage, they eventually lose touch with their communities and become alienated from everything they had once known about themselves. Our goal is to change that through L.O.G.I.C.

This new method offers these children the opportunity to become part of their local community and society and allow them to interact with others in their neighborhood. We register them at local schools and assign an inspector to each community so the children can stay in contact with the sponsors to ensure their needs are met. By doing this, we hope to encourage each community to work together to support their local children in lieu of having those children live in distant, unfamiliar orphanages.

A God-Given Solution

We decided it was best to assist children at their own residency, allowing them to live free under their parent's household. If they do not have somewhere to stay, a sponsor can help them with an affordable place to reside. With God, we will build a small family house for 10 at a time, since one community could have hundreds of children. We will also provide food, clothes, and school supplies.

Each sponsored community will have a supervisor who reports on the condition of the children and how this project has impacted the community. A meeting will be held with the parents each month to teach them how to plant seeds and make gardens in the countryside. CMSH seeks American volunteers who want to lend a hand in our office or serve as a supervisor in one of the Haitian communities. Contact us for further details about volunteering in Haiti. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Haitian Kids with Pink Uniforms