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November newsletter for Christian mission south haiti 

          Jesus Christ our Savior is the greatest of all in all times.

   We salute you in Christ Love’s. We hold firmly to his commission: Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16: 16. Christian Mission South Haiti’s purpose is to obey the commission of our Lord. We go to the Haitian people to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to support the poor and the orphans. Fulfilling both ministries is our vision and task.

   We are again today oppressed by another tropical storm. We have little to no electricity and much rain. This makes the ministry to our people very difficult and at times dangerous. Saving lives during the hurricane season is a very high priority.  And then helping them to recover and rebuild constantly exceeds our resources. Still we are faithful to ministering to our believers in South Haiti.

Reopen School CMSH (SOS)

   We are scheduled to reopen our schools on November 9th. There are literally thousands of students whose parents are too poor to pay anything for their tuition. As a result, our schools like so many others are subsidizing most of our student’s school costs. In addition to that we are also feeding them during school times. Many of our students only have the meals we provide all day long. Thus, both educating our students and providing them with meals are high priorities for us.

   Since 1991 until now, we continue to change lives in Haiti many from children who come through our programs. Today they are doctors, pastors, nurses, technician of medical services, masons, carpenters, electricians and many other qualified workers. Thousands are believers in Christ serving God in our churches and communities. We greatly rejoice in doing this work for Christ. Amen.

   We give God praise for you with your great participation with us in these ministries. We give guarantee that with God, we through you will continue to help and bring God’s blessing to the people in South Haiti.

                                      Coronavirus impact

  The coronavirus has made it almost impossible us to continue to exist. The American dollar has been devalued to an exchange rate of around 60%. That means that only 60 cents of every dollar exchanged is now available to us. That equates to a lost of 40 cents per dollar donated. This has taken a heavy toll on our work. Since 60% of our income is used to support the school, we are extending a SOS for the reopening of our school. We feel that the school is a vital and necessary work in South Haiti. We are at a crisis point where unless we can raise our school support, we may have to again cut what grades we can serve, or perhaps even close the school. Please consider just giving $10 a month support for the students. Please ask your congregation to join with us in this important ministry. It is a crisis time for us.



                                      Ministry updates

   We continue to support the minister’s in ten churches. For most of them, we are their only means of support. Many of our churches have been damaged by the hurricanes. The church at Savanette is beyond repair and we have had to close the church there. The former orphanage has also sustained damage and is repairable, but we don’t have the funds to do so.

   Life is very difficult all over Haiti now. There are shortages of food, medicines, water and electricity. With the new exchange rate, our work is hampered even more in reaching and helping our church members, school and evangelism. Yet, Brother Lusma is faithfully ministering and working with what your contributions have blessed us to do.

   Please visit our Website: . if you used Zell  just type everything will come up and send. Last month we were hit by Hurricane Laura which was destroyed many families houses took away their belongings. The recent storm flooded the church in Bergeaud so that we cannot have services there this weekend. It also flooded many of our member’s homes here. After hurricane Laura our church roof is leaking everywhere in the buildings. We need a new roof and also the rafters supporting it as there is mold and weakness in them. The St Jean Church also sustained damage and there is a great need for well for safe water in the community. Please pray with us for them.

   In spite of such great needs all over Haiti, we are continually preaching all over South Haiti. We are going door to door in many places. We are preparing our youth who stand with us to evangelize South Haiti. Current needs are Bibles, and  materials that share the gospel in Creole French to distribute. Join us in this  outreach.

   Future plans are after we finish repairs to the church and school, some small motorcyclists will aid our outreach into many areas. They are cheaper to purchase and to use in travel. They also enable us to go to some remote areas.

   All the Preachers in CMSH meet every month to discuss new plans and new strategies for our Churches. We are studying how to involve our youth and our adults in the Churches? Last month, we talked about how to feed our families. There are serious food shortages due to early droughts and now the hurricanes and tropical depressions. At the Savanette site, we are raising crops to help feed our members. We are blessed by a well and water tank that are beneficial for our farming.

    If you have any questions you may email Brother Lusma at this address: visit our Web site:,  or contact Jim Johnston, chairman of our Board at 618-789-4962 or Please send any donations to CMSH, 760 Washington Ave., Alton, IL 62002.




ALTON, IL  62002


New Update of CMSH.

Love greeting to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Ministry in Les Cayes Haiti. Actuality :Coronavirus, Our Churches in the Mission were Closed since March we were reopen on July 12/2020 it was a great  joyed for all us to meet again. We had around 7000 contaminated People for all the Country of Haiti. About 200 Died of Coronavirus; they were predicted for Haiti Millions will start in May to June. Praise God that did not happen. God Bless us with some Naturel Medicine which is very effective for Corona. With the Coronavirus the Country become more poor people become 4 times poorer. Our Brothers and sisters cannot buy food in the market they don’t have Job they ever had Job. The Government was promise to help 3500 Families who are poorest in the Country about $30. (3000 Gourdes)of Haitian Money I don’t hear any of our people received not for IDES our people may die by hunger .we did not silence doing stay home we the Members busy those who has phone and we visited we do communion at home we worship at Home. Our Kids we have engagement for them they surfing during that time. I am still in Haiti I don’t know what they will ask me I spent more time out. We bought Water, Food, and Medicine distribute to people. The Mission President Pastor Jim Johnston and we kept busy on phone and Email, we had Board Meeting. Even Churches was closed our supporters stay with us keep the Mission live. We give God praise for all of you for keeping CMSH lives. We had about 10 of our members contracted the Coronavirus now all of okay your prayer Works. We had an Annual conference we have every year we plan to have it even as symbolically the date is for August 28/29/30. I don’t know if any of you can make it at this time I invite you any way.

We continue to baptize new Members in Christ. The School in Haiti will continue the rest of the year School 2019 -2020 next week, and in November or December new year School 2020-2021 will reopen. Our Charge will increase to prepare the Children for School; your prayers are require as well other need.

We hope you will look for ways that we can increases our income for the Lord works in Haiti, Pastor Jim and I as well for the Board Member to receive call from you said come speak in behalf of CMSH anywhere you may be.

Call Pastor Jim on his cell phone; 618-789-4962 E-mail:




ALTON, IL  62002 .

 phone 954-934-9602. Haiti phone : 509-4406-0584 Alix.

Address Haiti : Bergeaud Rue 3 #01. Les Cayes, Haiti Ht- 8110